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Aragorn being done with everyone’s shit

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The secret origins of your favorite gifs, REVEALED!

Finish reading The 6 Ridiculous Comics that Explain Your Favorite GIFS

Written and Illustrated by AC Stuart, see more of his work at! 

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heavenisntinthestars replied to your post: Rachel gives advice: Don’t ever do jum…

omg rachel are you okay?!

Yup yup. Don’t worry about mee pretty pro at all this now aha xD 

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Rachel gives advice: Don’t ever do jumping lunges unless you want to be curled up on the floor in front of the TV with your knee cap completely and utterly out.

(For all those on my snapchat, i was almost almost going to send a picture of how beautiful my knee was. But my mum didn’t let me have my phone..?)

Also it’s just a little painful to get back in. An hours worth of screaming, falling out of consciousness and lotsa gas and air (an entire tank actually).

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A toast, to the proud Lannister children.

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Joffrey would have been a worse king than Aerys ever was.

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PSA for when a friend gets hurt


I recently dislocated my knee and I want to provide a few tips on how to help someone in your life who is injured. With these simple guidelines you can be a nice, thoughtful human instead of an annoying asshole.

Helpful/ nice things to say:

  1. I’m so sorry this happened to you (thank you)
  2. I hope you feel better soon (thank you)
  3. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help (thank you)
  4. Here are some books you might want to read/ shows & movies you might want to watch while you’re laid up (thank you)
  5. It’s not your fault, accidents happen (thank you)
  6. That is awful/ terrible/ unfortunate (I know, right?)

Unhelpful/ awful things to say:

  1. What shoes were you wearing? (It doesn’t matter. Critiquing my shoe choice does not make my knee feel better. If there was an obvious connection between my footwear and my fall I would have made it by now and don’t need your input)
  2. Wow, why were you hiking alone? (Because I wanted to. Because tons of people knew where I was, I had cell phone coverage the entire time, and the weather was nice. A city park is not exactly the outback, BUT EVEN IF IT WAS I have the right to enjoy the solitude of nature. People have done that pretty much since the beginning of time. Dislocating my knee is not some sort of cosmic punishment to teach me a lesson for hiking alone.)
  3. Good thing you have a high pain tolerance! (I do not. It was excruciating to hike 2 miles back to my car on a dislocated knee. But I didn’t feel like living in a mud puddle in a forest for the rest of my life so hobbling back to the car seemed like the thing to do)
  4. Maybe you should take this as a sign to lose weight (First of all, I was out hiking, a.k.a. EXERCISING. So, you know, there’s that. Secondly, this could have happened to literally anyone anywhere. But thanks for taking the time to be both rude and unhelpful.)
  5. I’ve never had that happen to me, but I know exactly how you feel (Why is this weirdly about you? A simple, “wow that must be really painful” seems a lot more genuine than trying to relate your dissimilar experience. The fact that you are learning about the physical structures of the knee in school is completely irrelevant, and it’s kind of weird that you brought it up.)
  6. Were you paying attention to where you were going? (Again, let’s reflect on how this is helpful. Hint: It’s not. If I was distracted — which happens to humans ALL THE TIME, then lesson learned. If I was paying attention — then you’ve just insulted me by implying I’m not very good at it. Just don’t.)

This has been a PSA.

*Note, these lists are not exhaustive. You can be a terrible troglodyte, or a nice person in many ways. Aim for the latter. 

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Best business card ever.

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froodlechan replied to your post: Back on crutches again whoop. Super fu…

what happened >: your hip?

Nopes. I dislocated my kneecap on my “good” leg :(

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Back on crutches again whoop. Super fun.

I also got to ride in an ambulance :3 

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Watched vikings so good. Going to watch dexter then alternate between them. Hehe prime free trial is so good!!

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